Wrightsville Beach Pictures
North Carolina, United States

We decided to go and try to find Wrightsville Beach which was north of us from Carolina Beach State Park.

Wrightsville Beach also had parking meters by the beach, and the charge was rather expensive.

Such as 2 minutes for a nickel, 4 minutes for a dime, and 10 minutes for a quarter.

We fed a lot of our spare change into the meter and upped it to 2 hours.

Wrightsville Beach parking

Wrightsville Beach looked very cozy and well maintained. The water was warm, turquoise, and the sand was a soft yellow to light grey sand. Occasionally, I spotted a seashell.

Wrightsville Beach looking north

We went to the beach and it wasn't even a half hour and it started thundering, lightening, and then pouring raining,. We thought of our uncovered tent back at the Carolina Beach campsite. Oh dear.

Wrightsville Beach looking south

We hung out at the beach in our car, not wanting to waste all the minutes we just fed the meter, but alas, it wouldn't stop raining, so we headed back to the campground.

The Wrightsville Beach area had lots of little condos and apartments and a shopping strip. But I couldn't take any pictures because of the storm.

When we got back to the Carolina Beach campsite, sure enough the tent had leaked a little. All the firewood was wet, so we decided it would just be better if we checked out and left. We packed all of our wet stuff, shaking off as much water as possible, and left. It was night. We followed a hwy that was near the shoreline, but couldn't see much.

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Wrightsville Beach Motels

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina - Wrightsville Beach hotels
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- Shell Island Resort 2700 N. Lumina Avenue Wrightsville Beach, NC

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