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On our roadtrip we bypassed Miami and headed north on A1A to Palm Beach.

We didn't realize that there was a Palm Beach Shores, West Palm Beach, and North Palm Beach too.

So some of the pictures could be from any of these locations, but I'll list them in the order that we drove.

The Palm beaches were very nice, and the surrounding estates were awesome.

Palm Beach view

This first picture is a cool picture of Palm Beach with a boat in the foreground.

Palm Beach looking south

This picture is looking south. Parking is metered along this stretch of beach.

Foggy view of shoreline city

A view north from Palm Beach, this may be a foggy North Palm Beach.

Next Stop Juno Beach, FL

More Pictures of Palm Beach Shores

- The first view we had of the ocean and a coconut tree, probably at Palm Beach Shores... Palm Beach Shores
- Palm Beach Hwy view on A1A, palms line both sides, driving north... shoreline highway view
- A sample of the styles of estates that line A1A... estate front view
- This is a mishot, someone fertilizing the lawn, but the palm trees are nice... palm trees
- A huge historical estate at the corner of South Ocean Boulevard and Via Bellaria... old estate
- An ornate entrance to a huge estate... view of estate
- View of the shoreline drive in Palm Shores, beach is to the right, condos to the left... Palm Shores Condos
- A sign with the Palm Beach rules... Palm Beach rules
- The Palm Beach Warning Flags and Rip Current Instructions... warning signs
- An interesting flowering bush with hanging flowers that seems to grow abundantly in Florida... flowering bush
- A type of huge tree that we've never seen before... strange twisted tree

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