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We took hwy. 117 north out of Livermore Falls and it was winding and very scenic.

We came to Paris Maine, and saw it is a larger town than Livermore Falls and also built on a river.

Several of the main street buildings were built in the 1800's, one I saw had the year 1854 on it.

Leaving town we came up on a lake and there was a marina there.

We turned south on 118 and followed the road viewing some mountains in a distance but not the White Mountains. Saw several motels in Paris, Maine and took their pictures along with several other businesses.

We passed a town built on a lake, and I think the name is Harrison. Anyway it was a very nice town and I took pictures of a carnival near the lake, where there was also a beach, and also a few of the restaurants that looked like they were popular.

The we passed a Lakeside Pines Camping sign. Anyway, I'll have to look on the map to see what the names of these places are, because the signs for the towns are not well marked.

We drove through the town of Brighton, and I took several pictures in the downtown area, came upon a memorial in the center of town, and when we turned right there was a nice park there with a beach. The closer we got to the New Hampshire border, the more mountains we were seeing.

Now in the middle of July it is 90 degrees here. The first mountain we saw was by a lake and had ski slopes coming down it, the sign said, Little Mountain, and Shawnee Peak Ski Area. Maine sure does have a lot of lakes, but I don't think this is the state they call, "Land of a Thousand Lakes."

The Hwy. 302 we are on is not so good at this point, probably the result of so many Maine freezes and thaws, but then it smoothes out a bit. We passed the Walker Hill Farm and some Fryeburg Lots For Sale and a sign announcing the Fryeburg Fair. We passed several Bed and Breakfasts and then made a left, coming into what looked like the center of town. Off in the distance we see the mountains of New Hampshire still. and the Frye Tavern and restaurant has a great view of them.

It doesn't look like New Hampshire has a motorcycle helmet law. We passed a sign that said "Entering the White Mountains Region" and discovered we are already in Conway, NH We passed Vicki's Bed Bath and Biscuit, and went straight into the Center of Conway. We passed Cove Camping Area. Gasoline went up 5 cents from Maine.

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North Conway, New Hampshire

If you follow River Road toward the White Mountains instead of Hwy16-302 then you come across a covered bridge over the Saco River, and come out at the White Deer Motel on North 16. We passed the Banners Restaurant and the Conway Inn. There are mountains to the left of us, and in front of us. Went into North Conway, there's supposed to be quite a few motels here on Hwy. 16-302, took a picture of Fandangles Restaurant and then saw a sign for Mountain Valley Mall.

It is so hot out now, 94 degrees, we are hoping the mountains will bring some relief. We saw the MT Washington Valley Inn, and the Grand Hotel, Merlino's Steakhouse, and entered into a cute little section of town by the railroad station that had many small shops and people window shopping. We thought about how popular North Conway must be in the Fall.

We stopped at the Dairy Queen across from a Resort called the Storybook Resort Inn, and then turned north on Hwy. 16 and saw Storyland Amusement Park.

Jackson, New Hampshire

We entered Jackson, NH and saw two covered bridges (these are not old covered bridges though) one near a golf resort, then several seasonal rentals, the Covered Bridge Motor Lodge, a sign for the Town and Country Motor Inn, and the Jackson House Inn.

It's still hot here, and the Dairy Queen was packed. There was little roadside rest areas with picnic tables, and quite a few motorcyclists on this highway. Then we started seeing signs for hiking trails. See our first scenic mountain view. Soon it seemed the temperature was dropping a little. It was 88 degrees now... 85 now. There are amazingly few travelers on this highway.

Wildcat Ski Resort, Wildcat Mountain

We passed a Visitors Center called the Pinkham Notch Visitors Center, and then saw Wildcat Ski Resort at the base of Wildcat Mountain. During the summer you can take a scenic gondola ride. Took more pictures of the ski resort, ( ticket sales indoors, wildcat Mountain slopes ) , scenic view looking west from the Wildcat Resort parking lot) then continued north on our roadtrip, passing what appeared to be another resort, but the sign said Great Glen guided tours.

Mount Washington

At this point we couldn't tell which mountain was Mount Washington, there were too many mountains around, and we expected Washington Mountain to be so big it would have snow on the top. The next mountain we saw was on our left.

We then saw a sign for an Auto Road Self Drive where you can drive up to the top of Mount Washington. There is a toll booth there, and a sign where they warn you that you must not be afraid of heights. It is 8 miles to the summit and very narrow windy roads.

The charge is $20 per car and driver, and each additional adult is $7 Each child 5 to 12 yr. old is $5, Motorcycle and driver is $12. So we didn't go because it would have cost $27 Here's a picture of the old original toll booth dated 1860. So they've been charging to go to the top since 1860?

Here is another view of the toll booth area, and here is a the thank you sign you see as you leave, and a sign inviting you to the Great Glen lodge across the highway. Also it does not appear that Mount Washington has snow on its peak during the summer. But unless you take the Auto Drive, you will never be sure which mountain is Mount Washington.

White Forest National Campground

We continued our drive and then saw a sign for the White Forest National Campground. We stopped to see how much it costs to camp at the camp registration office. They said $20 a night and gave us a brochure.

There's a sign here that says, "Bear in mind...Bears live here" and also, "Please do not feed the bears" The hubby says.... "We're not camping here."

Gorham, NH

Then we came to a small town named Gorham, there was a small beach that was packed and probably the town beach, and then we passed a sign that said Timberland Campground in 5 miles, but we turned east on Hwy. 2 instead.

There was a sign that said Libby Memorial Recreation area, Here is a picture of Gorham as we turned east, it looks like a nice little town. We passed over some railroad tracks, and there was a small church here, and directional signs for Berlin and Lancaster, Cumbie's in the distance. Also took a picture of the Libby House Bed and Breakfast. So are we in Libby NH? We then passed a Town and Country Motel, the Timberland Campground, and a sign for the White Birches Campground. Here is a picture of the White Birches Campground.

Saw a sign and parking for the Appalachian Trail. There is a lot more Birch trees here in New Hampshire, and for awhile lined both sides of the highway. Then we passed a sign that said, "Old Man of the Valley" with a parking area, but we could not stop.

All in all our day trip was a very scenic drive and we were glad we went. It may seem like I took a lot of pictures, but you just wouldn't believe the ones I missed. Back to Maine

On a side note, we couldn't find any Sprint service for our cellphone anywhere we drove in New Hampshire.

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