Pohick State Park, Virginia
Campground near Washington DC

Pohick Bay State Park Reservation doesn't have a beach.

I asked a ranger where everyone went to swim and he said Virginia beach.

We checked in and got campsite number 10

Pohick Campground entrance

I followed a trail down to the water, and was met by a deep bank. Here's what I saw as far as what's on the bank, not a beach but lots of driftwood.

Pohick Bay View

We had a great time at the campground, took a nap and went to the wedding and reception later. But if you go to Pohick Campground be sure to take a rake!

Vlad relaxes at the campground

There wasn't very many people camping at the campground, but the ranger said it was crazy for the holidays.

The next day we met Debbie and Bob, took the metro into Washington DC and tried to get up to the top of the Washinton Monument, but alas the tickets sold out early.

We left Washington DC about 11pm that night and found our way to Interstate 95 easily with the help of our GPS. Honestly I don't know how we would have found our way around this huge city without it.

More pictures of Pohick State Park

- Gumball trees were all over Pohick State Park, and we had to sweep them away to put up our tent... gumballs
- Picture driving thru the entrance to the campground... campground entrance
- We backed the T Bird into our camping area... T Bird
- Me sitting by our small tent... me by the tent
- Our neighbors in campsite 11... campsite 11
- Entrance to the Pohick Nature Trail... Nature Trail Entrance
- View looking toward the steep bank on the Nature Trail... Nature Trail view
- Large picture of what you see when you go down the steep bank... Pohick Bay View
- Another picture of the driftwood on the bank... driftwood
- Here's a picture of the foliage that is growing on the forest floor... forest foliage

Traffic Jam on Interstate 95

Anyway, we headed south on Interstate 95 even though we were both rather tired from the long walk around Washington DC and viewing all the attractions.

Vlad drove for several hours and we were almost to the North Carolina border when suddenly we came upon stopped traffic. We had been traveling I95 with ease and hardly any traffic at about 2am. We sat and waited and the traffic was piling up behind us, and people in other cars were getting out and wanting to know what was going on.

It started raining and people started falling asleep in their cars waiting, and so were we. We napped for about an hour, and awoke suddenly by the sound of a car starting but alas, none of the cars were moving. We waited another hour... before things started moving.

As we passed the spot where the accident was, we saw they had put sand or something down to aborb the gas. At the same time we saw a tow truck carrying a smashed up semi down the other side of the highway. As we were moving, there were several cars that the batteries went dead, or the drivers were asleep inside their car.

We went several miles to the North Carolina Rest Area and took a break. It was now starting to get to dawn, and we decided to continue traveling. We stopped in Faison North Carolina, a small town and got some gas at $2.69 a gal and the coffee was $1.06.

Second Stop - North Carolina Beach State Park

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