Sea Isle City, New Jersey
America's East Coast Beaches

We kept heading north of Stone Harbor and came into Sea Isle City.

They have a water tower that says "Smile your in Sea Isle City."

Sea Isle City is a cute little town and looks like a desireable place to live or have a summer cottage.

There were lots of condos and townhouses that we saw for sale or rent.

BeachComer Walk

Each of the streets deadended at an access to the beach. There wasn't any metered parking, but the spots to park were not easy to find.

Beach Access on  every street

There was a bicycle path along the beach, and the beach looks like any other. Wide, wavy water for maybe surfers. The sand is yellow and hot, and not far to walk to the water.

Sea Isle City Beach

Most condos have porches or patio balconies, some have flags hanging from them floating in the breeze. We kept driving north on Ocean Dr. and came to a strip where there was free parking all along this strip.

The hubby got out to check it out. The sand is grey up this way and only summer cottages on the west of us. Several were for rent. So it makes me wonder when this area is in season.

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Next stop... Ocean City NJ

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