Mayflower Beach
Dennis, Cape Cod

These are pictures we took at Mayflower Beach.

There are lots of beaches on Cape Cod.

Is the Mayflower beach more popular than Chapin beach?

They are right next to each other.

When we were driving along Hwy. 6a heading through Dennis we passed a sign for both of these beaches, and chose to visit Mayflower beach.

Cape Cod Beach Sunrise

This is the sign we saw as we approached the Mayflower beach parking lot.

But we did not get charged because it was already past the season.

They ask for a $15 dollar parking fee. That must mean if you walk in it is free?

Mayflower beach at low tide

Here's what the Mayflower beach looks like. At first you encounter deep soft sand on the path to the beach. It was low tide when we got there, but look how far the beach goes out at low tide. That is amazing.

The strip of land at high tide must be only about 20 feet from the fencing, and that is where everyone had their blankets.

As I walked ot to see more of the Mayflower beach. Everyone seemed to be relaxing and taking in some sun before the cool New England Fall weather sets in.

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