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After leaving Callahan Florida, we didn't reach Tampa until 5 pm, and the rush hour traffic was incredible.

They were also widening the Interstate through there, so it was not an easy trip.

It's a good thing we had the GPS set to St. Pete Beach or we surely would have gotten lost.

Tampa is a huge city now, not like it was in 1975 which was the last time I was there.

As we drove across the bridge (the toll was 50 cents) into St. Pete Beach (which was about 7 miles long) we were met by
a huge pink hotel and lots of palm trees. It made us feel goood to be here.

We turned left and followed the main road called Gulf Boulevard, and it was not long till we saw a Beach Access sign. We pulled into the parking lot, and saw that it was a "paid" parking lot, but it was after 5pm so we did not have to pay anything.

St Pete Beach entrance

The way that people pay is through a machine by the beach walkway thar you put money in and it spits out a ticket that you place on the dashboard.

The beach looked real nice, and had light grey to white soft fluffy sand. We didn't stay long as the sun was setting and decided to find a place to stay.

St Pete Beach looking south

Further north from St Pete Beach we found Upham Beach. Upham Beach has large yellow sand bags along the shore to keep the sand from washing away. People walk on these and even fish from them.

A sand saver at Upham Beach

We then began looking for some place to stay. We browsed through several travel booklets that we picked up at the Florida Welcome Center, but they were not much help, and the hotels that were advertised were probably already booked because of the coupons.

So we just left and look for a motel as we were driving. There was a small one across the street from the beach access but it really looked like a "dive" and the person at the desk was not very friendly.They wanted $59.00 a night. We got in the car and kept on driving and checking.

We drove about 2 miles north of us toward Treasure Island on Gulf Boulevard and turned down a street. Immediately on the left we spotted the La Mar Motel and it said, "Vacancy." I was thinking that it was going to be pretty expensive, but I thought I would check anyway.

Next stop Fort Myers Beach

More Pictures of Saint Pete Beach

- View of St Petersburg from Interstate 95... St Petersburg view
- See some St Pete Palm trees... palm trees
- Water toys that are rented out on St Pete Beach... water toys
- Signs at the entrance of St Pete Beach... Beach signs
- A flowering sidewalk as an entrance to the beach from a motel nearby... flowering entrance
- View of Gulf Boulevard, the main street in St Pete... Gulf Boulevard
- View of the pink hotel... Don Cesar Beach Resort and Spa
- Entrance to the Pinellas Bayway, 682 west... Pinellas bayway
- The beach meter machine at Upham Beach St Pete... parking meter machine
- View of Upham Beach looking north... Upham Beach view
- Picture of the entrance to Upham Beach... entrance

We stayed at the La Mara Motel

- St. Pete's number one mom and pop motel... the La Mara Motel
- Another picture of the entrance of the Lamara Motel... La Mara Motel entrance
- View of the pool area... pool area
- A picture taken looking down from the balcony... balcony view
- A picture of the palm trees near our balcony... palm trees
- Picture of the kitchenette in the room... kitchenette
- A picture of the owners of the La Mara Motel... mom and pop

Motels and Hotels at St. Pete Beach, Florida

Click here to find a Florida Hotel

- Alden Beach Resort - 5900 Gulf Boulevard St Pete Beach, FL
- Best Western Beachfront Resort - 6200 Gulf Boulevard St Pete Beach, FL
- Bayview Plaza Waterfront Resort - 4321 Gulf Blvd St Pete Beach, FL
- Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites - St. Petersburg Beach, Fl 5250 Gulf Blvd. St Pete Beach, FL
- Sirata Beach Resort - 5390 Gulf Blvd St Pete Beach, FL
- Plaza Beach Hotel - 4508 Gulf Boulevard St Pete Beach, FL
- St. Pete Beach Howard Johnson - Resort Hotel & Restaurant 6100 Gulf Boulevard St Pete Beach, FL
- Tradewinds Sandpiper Hotel & Suites - 6000 Gulf Boulevard St Pete Beach, FL
- Tradewinds Island Grand - 5500 Gulf Boulevard St Pete Beach, FL

Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island hotels
- Best Western Sea Castle Suites 10750 Gulf Blvd. Treasure Island, FL
- Bilmar Beach Resort 10650 Gulf Blvd. Treasure Island, FL
- Thunderbird Beach Resort 10700 Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, FL
- Island Inn Beach Resort 9980 Gulf Blvd. Treasure Island, FL

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