Skaket Beach
Orleans Cape Cod

This is some pictures of Skaket Beach.

We had never heard of Skaket Beach, so we went tocheck it out.

Unfortunately the day looked like it was going to rain.

Skaket Beach was nice and it is located on the Cape Cod Bay side.

It reminded us of the way First Encounter Beach is setup, but not nearly as big.

Here's the sign that made us turn to go check it out.

Skaket Beach sign

Here's the entrance to Skaket Beach. It was early in the morning and started to rain.

Skaket Beach entrance

Here's a picture of the beach area at Skaket Beach. The lady that was there said it was $15 to get in, but she wasn't going to start charging till it stopped raining.

Skaket Beach pic

They have informational displays to tell you about the sea critters that habitat the tidal flats. Click the links below to see more pictures of Skaket Beach.

More Pictures of Skaket Beach

- A picture of the buildings, snack bar, and restrooms, with lifrguard room... Skaket Buildings
- Here's a large picture of what is on the display sign.. tidal flats
- Another picture of the beach on this cloudy day... Beach view
- A pic of the snack bar, which of course is closed... snack bar
- Picture of the picnic tables behind the snack bar... picnic tables
- A sign saying, Please don't feed the seagulls... don't feed seagulls
- More signs on the beach house, Don't approach the foxes, and No dogs allowed... signs
- A closer picture of the entrance building, Welcome to Skaket Beach... Welcome to Skaket Beach
- Map of the location of Skaket Beach... Skaket Beach location
- Huge map of Orleans that was hanging on the bathhouse... Orleans map
- Picture of the Skaket Beach Motel... Skaket beach motel

Also see First Encounter beach and Mayo Beach

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