Washington DC
Road Trip to Florida

The purpose of our going to Washington DC was for our neice's wedding.

But little did we relealize the impact it would have on us.

We stayed at Pohick Campground, while our relatives stayed in hotels in the Old Town Alexandria area.

We had a wonderful time, taking the metro into the capital area, by the Smithsonian Institute.

Our goal was to go to the top of the Washington Monument.

Waiting for the metro

When we exited the Metro, we could see the Washington Monument in the distance, and headed that way.

Washington Monument

We walked all the way to the Lincoln Memorial, after checking out the WW2 Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial

We then headed back toward the metro station via Pennsylvania Ave, and turned to go see the White House. What you see in the picture is as close as anyone can get.

White House

We stopped to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, then walked back over to the metro station. By this time it was dark out.

We had a great time touring Washington DC, and if you have never been there, you must go. Honestly, in my opinion Washington DC is the cleanest city I have ever been in.

More Pictures of Washington DC

- A view of the capital building... capital building
- Me in front of the largest tree I have ever seen, it's next to WW2 memorial... Oldest tree
- The Atlantic side of the World War 2 Memorial... ww2 memorial
- An information board on the history of the Reflection Pool... reflection pool history 365k
- View of the Lincoln Memorial from the front... front steps view
- States are at the top of the Lincoln Memorial, here's Connecticut, Mass, and Georgia
- A picture of Lincoln inside the Lincoln Memorial... Lincoln and tourists
- A picture taken at the beginning of the Vietnam Memorial Wall... Vietnam Memorial Wall
- View of the Washington Monument from a distance... distant view
- A building that is next to the White House... building near white house
- The gardens and a monument next to the white house... gardens and monument
- A closer picture of the White House, security on the roof... white house
- View of a downtown Washington DC street with shops... downtown street
- A picture of the Hard Rock Cafe... Hard Rock Cafe - onion rings and beer
- Picture taken looking out the window from the Hard Rock Cafe... looking out window
- The last picture I took was of the building where Lincoln was shot.... Boothe Theatre

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