Cape May - Lewes Ferry
Delaware Pictures and Information

We headed out via Hwy 1 to Hwy 9 to try to catch the Cape May - Lewes Ferry. Hopefully it won't cost us 40 bucks, like it does for Block Island's Ferry.

It turns out the fee was $38.50. but we are in for a nice trip.

It took an hour and a half to ferry to Cape May, and we were able to take lots of nice pictures.

Plus the sun was setting and it was rather romantic.

Even though the restaurant area was plush and comfortable, they only carried microwaveable foods to snack on.

Cape May Lewes Ferry entrance

Finding the Cape May Lewes Ferry was easy. All you had to do is follow the signs.

Cape May ferry sunset view

This is a picture of the fast ferry coming back from Cape May.

Delaware Ferry

The trip on the Delaware Cape May Lewes Ferry was a lot of fun. They also have trips for private parties too.

Next stop is Cape May, New Jersey

More Pictures of the CapeMay-Lewes Ferry

- After paying the fee to board, we saw the ferry complex, and the huge lot where you wait, but we were the only ones there... ferry complex
- Boarding the ferry... boarding the ferry
- The view leaving Lewes... leaving Lewes
- A picture where we parked our car inside the ferry... inside the ferry
- Up the stairs to deck 2... up the stairs
- The hubby stands in front of a sign that says Welcome Aboard!... Welcome Aboard!
- A picture of other passengers enjoying the view... passengers
- The outdoor seating on deck 3... outdoor seating
- The top deck, deck 3 also has cocktails... cocktail bar
- Eating ice cream inside the ferry cafe... eating ice cream
- A picture of the sunset as we head to Cape May... ferry sunset
- Arriving in Cape May... Cape May arrival
- A picture of the Cape May Ferry ticket... ferry ticket

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