Wildwood Beach, NJ
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We were really surprised when we drove into Wildwood Beach NJ.

We parked the car at a meter, and walked up on the boardwalk.

Honestly it reminded me of what Coney Island may have looked like years ago, and this amusement park has obviously been around for a long time.

I was glad to see it, and I'm glad that there are still beach side amusement parks available today, I thought they had all disappeared into history.

Wildwood beach

This first picture is of Wildwood beach and it is huge. There are even taxi's that will drive you over the sand to the edge of the water for a small charge. See the beach taxi

Wildwood Beach view

While we were there they had a marble shooting competition going on. In the distance you can see the huge ferris wheel.

Wildwood boardwalk

The Wildwood boardwalk is a popular spot for all sorts of fun, amusements, and food. We had a great time just walking around and taking pictures. But then it started to get too hot so we hopped on over to see what Ocean City New Jersey looked like.

Next stop Ocean City, New Jersey

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