Lake George Motels
Lake George Village New York

On this page are pictures I took of the Lake George motels as we were traveling north on Route 9.

After we left the Battlefield Campground, we went looking to find the ferries, and ran across the State Park and Lake George Beach.

Then we headed down the strip to see what was there.

These motels are not in alphabetical order, they are in order of appearance on highway 9 going north.

This way you'll know pretty much how far they are from the ferries and all the activities, but most motels did not start until after the downtown area.

The first picture I took once I realized we were in "motel land" was of the Lake Crest Motel.

Lake Crest Motel

Some motels have their own private beach and restaurant.

The Park Lane Motel has a beachfront patio.

Park Lane Motel

The Lake Motel has a lakefront pool with patio, and lakefront rooms.

Motel Lake

The Holiday Inn is located right across the street from Lake George Battleground Campground, and the Howard Johnson is right next door.

Motels on Highway 9 North

- The Georgian Luxury Resort - The Georgian Luxury Resort - 384 Canada St Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-5401
- The Surfside On The Lake - The Surfside On The Lake - 400 Canada St Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-2442
- O Sullivan's Motel - O Sullivan's Motel - 410 Canada St Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-5424
- The Sundowner Motel - The Sundowner Motel
- Econolodge and Mohawk motel location... Econo Lodge and Mohawk - 435 Canada St Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-2143
- Location of the Balmoral Motel... Balmoral Motel - 444 Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-2673
- Scotty's Motel... Scotty's Motel
- Then we came to a motelless stretch of highway... highway 9 north
- Next was a scenic mansion... mansion
- The Tahoe Beach Club Resort... the Tahoe Beach Club Resort - 2998 Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-5711
- The Inn on the Hill... Inn On The Hill - 3007 Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-2572
- View of Lake George between motels... lakeview
- The Tea Island Resort... Tea Island Resort
- Briar Dell Motel and Cabins... Briar Dell Motel Cabins
- Alpine Village Resort has fireplaces... Alpine Village Resort
- The Friendly Hill Motel... Friendly Hill Motel
- The Lodges Cresthaven is next to the Boathouse Restaurant... The Lodges Cresthaven
- The Rock Castle Motel... Rock Castle Motel - 3229 Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-3011
- A sign for the Mohawk Campground...Mohawk Campground - 3144 Lake Shore Dr Lake George, NY 12845-6505 Tel: (518) 668-2760
- Below the Mohawk Campground is the Westover Homeowners Assoc... Westover Homeowners
- The Bear's Den... The Bear's Den - 3243 Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-0462
- With a pool and beach, the Clinton Inn... Clinton Inn and Restaurant - 3250 Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-2412
- Then we saw the Hearthstone Point Campground... Hearthstone Point Campground - Rte 9N Lake George, NY 12845 Tel: (518) 668-5193
- The Sprucewood Motel is across the street... Sprucewood Motel
- The Trinity Rock and Lakewood Motels location... Trinity and Lakewood Motels - 3381 Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-4665
- Still Bay Resort Motel...Still Bay Resort Motel sign
- The Depe Dene Motel advertises a sandy beach... Depe Dene Motel
- Then we came across some horseback riding... Saddle Up Stables

Diamond Point

- The sign for Diamond Point... town of Diamond Point
- The Adirondack Lodge... the Adirondack Lodge - 3629 Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-5429
- The Golden Sands Resort is a pet friendly motel. Golden Sands Resort 3654 Lake Shore Drive, Lake George, NY (518) 668-2203

Here's the view from the Golden Sands Resort.

Golden Sands Resort

- The Blue Lagoon Resort... the Blue Lagoon Resort
- Flymplan Motel... Flymplan Motel?

- These motels came after a sign for Bolton... Welcome to Bolton
- Canoe Island Lodge... Canoe Island Lodge sign
- The Juliana has efficencies, heated pool and beach... Juliana - 3842 Diamond Point, NY 12824 (518) 668-5191
- The Thunderbird Motor Inn... the Thunderbird Motor Inn -3908 Diamond Point, NY 12824 (518) 668-4824
- The Flamingo Resort and Hooker Charters... Flamingo Resort
- The Capri Village Resort has a dock and sandy beach... Capri Village Resort
- Treasure Cove Resort Motel... Treasure Cove Resort Motel
- Diamond Village Resort Motel... Diamond Village
- Chelka Lodge Resort Motel... Chelka Lodge Resort Motel - 4204 Diamond Point, NY 12824 (518) 668-4677
- Flower Cottages... Flower Cottages
- Porter's Cottages... Porter's Cottages
- Cool Ledge Family Resort and Cottages, beach and dock... Cool-Ledge Family Resort
- Blue Water Manor... Blue Water Manor
- The Huddle Bay Motel is closer to Bolton... Huddle Bay Motel
- Villa Marie Antionette... Villa Marie Antoinette view
- Villa Napoli Ristorante... Villa Napoli
- Bonnie View Lakeshore Motel... Bonnie View Lakeshore Motel

Lake George Reservations

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