Road Trip to Maine
Looking for the Beaches

We left Hampton Beach after the time on our parking meter expired and followed 1A along the coastline, and it sure was scenic. We saw North Hampton Beach just as the sun was setting, but the pictures are already too dark.

Then we ran into Jennes State Beach, and we were wishing we were following the coastline during the day, and may come back on 1 A just to see the scenic views.

Then we saw a sign for Rye Harbor State Park, then Wallis Sands State Park. We noticed the moon is still full and a dark orange. Next came a scenic overlook that was metered parking.

Odione Point State Park was the next on this route and it is amazing there are so many state parks here on the coastline. Then we came into a small scenic town with some New England style buildings. That town turned out to be Portsmouth, Maine.

We jumped on Interstate 95 hoping to make some time, but then saw a toll plaza coming up and we exited back to 1A. The next town was called Ogunquit and it is very quaint and popular. The hubby said, Let's move here.

There are also quite a few motels here along this strip of 1 A and we saw a sign that said Main Beach in Ogunquit downtown. We also passed a sign earlier pointing to York Beach. We also passed Beach Acres Campground, and Riverside Park Campgrounds.

Heading into Kennebunk, we passed the airport. So where are we heading? Old Orchard Beach is our goal. To take some pictures and enjoy the beach. I have been reading about Old Orchard Beach for a long time, and I am excited to finally get to see it.

We just passed the Hemlock Grove Campground, and Red Apple Campground. Gas is 40 cents cheaper here than in Connecticut. Biddeford and Saco looks like pretty nice towns too, but we almost missed the Old Orchard Beach turn because there wasn't any signs. So we took Hwy. 98 east and it took us right there. We also passed the Hid n Pines Campground.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Oh my the first thing we saw at Old Orchard Beach was that they have an amusement park and a nice downtown area. People were walking the street and having a good time. It's 10:30 on a Monday evening, firecrackers are being shot off, and no one is sleeping. They even have a Roller Coaster here, this is much more than we anticipated indeed.

We pulled off the Main Street and parked to see what the beach looks like. But of course it's dark out, we'll have to take pictures in the morning.

Tuesday July 10

We set our GPS to go find a Dunkin in the morning and it said the closest one was in Saco. After leaving the Dunkin in Saco, we took Hwy. 98 back into Old Orchard Beach and there was a Dunkin right in the center of town...duh. It's right across from the sign that says, Welcome to Old Orchard Beach.

Anyway, I took some pictures that probably will not turn out too good because of the direction of the sun. We made a left at this intercession and saw all the motels on this strip, so all the action is to the north of the downtown area, small shops and lots of motels.

Pine Point Beach

We followed this road and came into a small residential area with cottages for rent on the waterfront and houses for sale. Then all of a sudden we were in Scarborough Maine. So Scarborough Maine is just a hop, skip and jump from Old Orchard Beach. We found Scarborough Beach and took some pictures.

The breeze was refreshing, and the car parking is $5.00 according to the sign on the booth, and no dogs, but according to the sign on the gate it says $10.00. There is a snack bar and 2 porta potties in the parking lot. Then we saw a sign that says all dogs must be on a leash.

So it turns out our first beach we found is not Scarborough Beach, but a local beach, a resident we talked to called it Pine Point Beach, but the sign says Hurd Park. The resident told us to go back out to 1A and make a right, and then follow it to a main intersection where there is a Moble Gas and Burger King.

Anyway, we headed out and passed Bailey's Campground Resort and decided to check it out and grab a brochure. Basic tent camping is 40 bucks and they are pretty much an all inclusive, so to speak, with a well stocked campstore, a playground, pool, restaurant, etc. etc.

Scarborough Beach

So to continue on our journey to find Scarborough Beach, we had to detour to Hwy. 1 instead of taking Hwy. 1A because they are repaving the road, so we're going a bit out of our way. We just passed another campground called the Wild Duck Campground, but missed the turn to check it out. Coming to a large intersection we saw an All You Can Eat we'll come back for breakfast.

We turned right at Black Point Road. It seems Scarborough is not such a small town after all. It's pretty big. We turned off Black Point Road and followed a sign to Higgins Beach. It's a nice cozy beach, but no parking anywhere near it. There was a residence offering parking for $10.00. We then head back to Black Point Road, and passed the Scarborough fire department in which I tried to take a picture.

So to keep searching for Scarborough Beach were heading south on Black Point Road we flew right by Scarborough Beach, and geez they are already charging to get in, he wanted 8 dollars from us so we turned around and headed out to explore Pouts Neck. The first things we passed was Prouts Neck Country Club, then an Inn and took some pics of Garrison Cove.. The street then deadends and turned around. We could see Old Orchard Beach from this point because they are building a huge hotel called The Victorian, and we could spot it.

On the way out we saw a sign that said, Ferry Beach, Public Way to Beach, so we checked it out. All of the other signs said No Beach Access. The first thing you pass is part of the country club golf course. Arriving at the Ferry Beach, they wanted $10.00 to park, so we told them we weren't parking and did a turn around. So we don't have a picture of the beach, just what is there as a beach access. But what is this $10.00 parking fee? That's the same prices they are charging in Florida!

Okay we're heading back to that All You can Eat Buffet on Hwy. 1. Getting pics of Scarborough Beach and Ferry Beach was a bust. But at least we know what it costs to get in. And taking 1A would have been an easier route.

All You Can Eat Buffet Maine

We passed a couple motels on Hwy. 1 going south so I took their pictures. We stopped at the All you can Eat Buffet and it turns out to be called Dunstan School Restaurant. It's probably the most upscale buffet we've ever been in and the selection was rather good. The cost for breakfast was $7.95 a person plus what you drink. They have extensive menus for lunch and dinner. Right next to Dunstan School is Goldsmith's Sporting Goods Store and the Pooh Bear Care, a licensed Day Care.

But while we were in there eating it started pouring rain outside with a bit of thunder, we weren't expecting that and hopefully it will stop so we can get some more pictures of Old Orchard Beach.

Back to Old Orchard Beach

It stopped raining and we took route 9 back to Old Orchard beach, on the way we passed a Scarborough Marsh Canoeing, Ken's Place Seafood Restaurant, and then Bailey's Camping Resort. Arriving at Old Orchard beach we pulled into a parking area and they wanted $10.00 to park. We said no thanks... and drove south of main St. and there was $5.00 parking. Then we saw some meter parking and the meter we pick still had an hour and 53 minutes on it... cool. So probably the people left because of the rain earlier.

While we were there taking pictures of the pier, it started raining and thundering. We couldn't believe how many people were on the beach even though it was not sunny, and the water is like ice cubes. We made it back to the car before the downpour. The lifeguards were blowing there whistles and telling everyone to get out of the water.

Heading for Livermore Falls Maine

We contacted some friends that live in Livermore Falls, Maine and they invited us over. So off we go avisiting...On a side note, we have had no Sprint phone service in Maine except along the coastline. Also see our roadtrip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

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