Trip to Weirs Beach
Meredith New Hampshire

We visited some friends in Maine, and they suggested we stop at Weirs Beach on the way back to Connecticut.

It sounded like a great idea, so we set our GPS to take us there.

We were in for a delightful surprise.

Weirs Beach is a lot of fun, and even has a train ride, cruises on the lake, along with a great beach.

There are not a lot of campgrounds though, just a couple, so we did not stay.

Weirs Beach entrance

Weir's Beach reminded us of our trip to Lake George in Ny, but they also have a scenic train ride.

There are small shops and restaurants, a boardwalk, and many other activities in the area.

Weirs Beach train ride

Along with a great beach! View the pictures below. I think the charge to park at the beach was $10.

Weirs Beach view from pier

We sure didn't know about this cute tourist hotspot in New Hampshire!

Businesses along Hwy 3 south to Weirs Beach

- Highway 3 south to Weirs Beach... Hwy 3 south ... another view
- Then we passed the Pirates Cove Minature Golf... minature golf
- The Town Line Motel has an outdoor pool... Town Line Motel
- The Pine Bank Lodge... Pine Bank Lodge
- A sign for the Pine Hollow Campground... Pine Hollow Campground
- The Sun Valley Resort... Sun Valley Resort
- The Hack Ma Tack Campground... the Hackmatack Campground
- JT's Barbeque restaurant... JT's Barbecue
- Weirs Beach Go Kart Track... Go Kart Track
- The Looney Bin Bar and Grill... Looney Bin
- A sign for the Shalimar Resort Motel and Lobster House... Shalimar Resort
- The Cedar Lodge... Cedar Lodge
- The Winnipesaukee Motel... Winnipesaukee Motel
- Weirs beach Grand View Resort... Grand View Resort
- The Kellerhaus Restaurant... Kellerhaus
- The Tower Hill Cottages... Tower Hill Cottages
- Weirs Beach Tent and Trailor Park... Tent and Trailer Park

More Pictures at Weirs Beach

- The Weirs Beach Lobster Pound Restaurant and the Drive In Theatre... Lobster Pound Restaurant
- We missed the turn, and turned around to go back... Weirs Beach Entrance
- The parking fee sign for Weirs Beach Endicott Park... Parking Fee sign
- Weirs beach has vertical parking and meters... view of parking and meters, the meter fee varied with the area where you park
- A picture of the Mt Washington train station... train station
- The small building where you buy your train ticket... train ticket booth, ticket costs, another view ... train schedule
- The Mount Washington Cruise schedule... cruise schedule ... the Mt Washington Ferry ... another view - cruise cost
- Pictures of the train... train view ... close up ... train tracks ... caboose ... the cost to ride
- The Weirs Beach candy store... candy store
- A sidestreet where the Half Moon Motel and cottages is located... Half Moon Motel
- A picture of the Winnepesaukee Pier... Winnepesaukee Pier
- The Weirs Beach Veterans Association... veterans
- the arcade and shopping

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