Road Trip to the Beaches
Mass and New Hampshire

When we drove out of Cape Cod, our intention was to visit Sagamore Beach and then head up to Plymouth, Mass and take some pictures there and catch some beaches along the Eastern Mass coastline.

Well, we missed our exit coming out of Cape Cod and wound up having to exit 2 onto route 58, supposedly bypassing several of the eastcoast beaches like Scusset Beach and Sagamore Beach. Now it appears we are heading for Miles Standish State Forest.

Plymouth Mass

Yep, we wound up at Plymouth, Mass and it was an easy drive and didn't take long at all. We parked down on the Plymouth waterfront, and took a walk to take some pictures. Plymouth Rock was easy to find, and also the Mayflower II.

After loading up the camera with pictures of downtown waterfront Plymouth, we went looking for Plymouth Beach. There wasn't any signs for it as we traveled south on 3A and happened upon it by chance. We were surprised at how long the beach was, but most of the beach area where we parked was rocks. We went to a snack bar at Plymouth Beach called Sandy's, and ordered a large coke, and it was half the size of the large cokes in Cape Cod.

There are lifeguard stands here, but Plymouth Long Beach looks old and well worn. The beach looks kind of empty considering it's a Sunday in the middle of July. No one was swimming and the tide was real low. I was just thinking, if there was more sand on the beach, it would look like Revere Beach. The waves are calm and it sits in a cove.

There was no charge to get in, but we were here after five, and it looks like people are free to bring their dogs here for a walk too. There is another beach north of Plymouth called Nelson Beach.

We decided to go see if we could find it, and drove north of Plymouth and pulled into a cute little park called Nelson Street Memorial Park. We stayed at Nelson Beach till the sun set and the tide came in, then we left the little town of Plymouth and drove toward Boston. We had visited Revere Beach several years ago, but our pictures didn't turn out, and we have always wanted to go back. This was a good opportunity for us.

Revere Beach, Mass

In the morning we stopped in South Revere to get a coffee at Dunkin. All the little restaurants along Revere Beach all had signs saying Customer use only. But the public beach restrooms were open. and there was showers to rinse the sand off outside.

We left Revere beach in the early afternoon to try to find Boston Harbor Lights State Park to go camping, and it was not an easy drive through the small towns in South Boston. Not interesting and not scenic. When we finally found Boston Harbor Lights State Park, we found out that the camping is located on Islands in Boston Harbor.

We then decided to just get out of Boston, so we set our GPS for Hampton Beach, NH. The trip through Boston was amazing. Their interstate structure and tunnels are a big wow! Anyway the GPS took us out of Boston via I93 to I95 North. I took pictures of all of the exits, and some of the restaurants and motels.

Hampton Beach State Park

When we arrived at Hampton Beach State Park, we were disappointed because it turned out that the campground is small and for RV's only, no tents or popups. The Hampton State Beach charges to get in, except we were there after 5. The snack bar was closed but the restrooms were open and there are several showers there. A sign said the restrooms would be locked at 6pm and the gate would be locked at 8pm.

When we went to view the beach, it was really nice with deep soft sand, but looking to the north of us, we saw most people congregating down there. We drove down to find out why.

We were greeted by a strip of fun and excitement, little shops and restaurants and... another beach. The parking by the beach is metered for 10 minutes for a quarter. We put some quarters in and walked over to Alan's Seafood and ordered the fish and chips and it was great.

We left Hampton Beach after the time on our parking meter expired and followed 1A along the coastline, and it sure was scenic. We saw North Hampton Beach just as the sun was setting, but the pictures are already too dark.

Then we ran into Jennes State Beach, and we were wishing we were following the coastline during the day, and may come back on 1 A

Then we saw a sign for Rye Harbor State Park, then Wallis Sands State Park. We noticed the moon is still full and a dark orange. Next came a scenic overlook that was metered parking.

Odione Point State Park was the next on this route and it is amazing there are so many state parks here on the coastline. Then we came into a small scenic town with some New England style buildings.

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