Plymouth, Mass Pictures
Plymouth Rock and Mayflower

On this page I'm putting all the pictures I took in downtown Plymouth.

I didn't take any pictures once we left Cape Cod because I was too upset that we missed our exit.

Of course the most popular attraction here is Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower.

We lucked out and found a parking spot by the waterfront, and put some money in the meter to give us 2 hours.

And walked towards all the action.

Plymouth Harbor

This first picture is our first view of Plymouth Harbor. Once we started walking around, we saw all the little shops and restaurants on the opposite side of the street.

I felt that the downtown area was rather quiet, and that most people were reflecting on the Pilgrims or historical significance or whatever. I kind of got the same feeling when we were in Washington DC.

Plymouth Mayflower

After viewing the what was on the dock and taking pictures of the Mayflower, we moseyed down to find Plymouth Rock.

Plymouth Rock is enclosed in a sandy gazebo type of enclosure, with pillars, and fencing. All you can do is gaze over at it.

People were tossing coins and trying to get the coins to land on top of the rock, but they all failed.

The Plymouth Rock has the year 1629 on it.

Plymouth Rock

See more pictures below. Also see Plymouth Nelson Beach and Plymouth Beach

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Next Stop... Plymouth Beach

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