Sachuest 2nd Beach RI

Middletown Sahuest beach is commonly called Second Beach name.

I, for one, can't seem to remember the name Sachuest.

Sachuest beach is a very long stretch of beach to walk on, and in the water, it has deep sand for a long way out, and nice friendly waves.

We stopped at at nearby restaurant for breakfast one day and asked some senior citizens which beach they went to when they were teenagers, and they said, Second Beach, and they have gone to it for years.

You can tell by looking at the beach, that it has been very popular, and still is. This first picture is the entrance gate to Second Beach.

Sachuest Beach Entrance

Second Beach is just the place to go, I think it is the types of waves it gets, plus the sand is real deep in the water.

Sachuest Beach

There is a campground across from Sachuest beach, but it's an RV campground and is packed all summer long with campers that have standing reservations.

This beach doesn't seem to get the red algae called "Red Tide" that plagues the other beaches in August and September either. Sachuest beach is very scenic, partially because of St. George's School up on the hill, and it sure looks cool, like a monastery or something.

View from Purgatory Chasm

This last picture is a view of Second Beach taken from Purgatory Chasm.

Pictures of Middletown RI beaches, Sachuest, second, third beach
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As with everything in RI, you can almost bet this information and the rates will eventually change.

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