Cosey Beach
East Haven Connecticut

I had found some old postcards of Cosey Beach from 1915, so I drove to East Haven to see if the beach was still there.

It is! But it looks like it is sort of a town beach now, and there is no charge to get in.

They have a small playground with swings for the kids, and lots of deep yellow sand to sqwoosh your toes in.

The East Haven Police Community Center was built right on Cosey Beach.

You can see part of the covered picnic shelter in the picture. There are no fees to access the beach for both residents and nonresidents.

East Haven Cosey  Beach

There is a free parking lot located across the street from the beach, near some small baseball fields and a small park.

You will see the shady park and parking lot on the right. Park in the parking lot and walk to the intersection and you will see the police community center and the beach next to it.

Cosey Beach view

I walked to the edge of the water and took this picture of Cosey beach, looking west.

The waves here are not very high this morning, and it is high tide. The sand is not a fine sand, but is yellow and granually, and it deepest near the water.

All in all, I would say this is a very nice area in New Haven and I'm glad I went to take pictures.

More Pictures of Cosey Beach

- I walked closer to the group of people on the beach to see what they were doing. It turned out to be a "Seniors" group doing some early morning excercises...Seniors group
- I turned around, and took a picture of a barge going into Long Island Sound... barge
- I then turned facing East and took this picture. I'm not sure if the blue building is apartments or condos down there, but what a view they must have. Also you can see some beach cottages... beach condos
- Okay, most of you will probably think that this is an uninteresting picture, but let me tell you about it. The log floated in with the tide and got stuck there for all the beachwalkers to sit and take in the view. The jetty was built to keep the current from washing the sand away. In the distance you can't see Long Island. But from the beach in Bridgeport and Milford CT you can. You can see hay straws laying on the beach along the high tide line... Beach view
- As I was leaving, I took a better look at the building at Cosey Beach and it turns out to be a Police Sub Station for East Haven. What a great idea. What better way to moniter things that go on at the beach... East Haven Police Sub Station
- Much to my delight, I spotted the Sandpiper restaurant right across the street. It wasn't open yet. But now I have another shoreline restaurant to add to my list. The parking lot where you park your car to go to the beach is in the picture to the left, (where the Goodwill Drop Box is) There was also some baseball fields where I parked, and a small park with huge old trees... Sandpiper Restaurant
- I took a picture of the Cosey Beach Street sign so I would know where I was at. My curiosity wonders what "Beachhead" is... Cosey Beach Street Sign.
- I'm glad I took a picture of this Cosey Beach sign. The Beachhead is another restaurant along the shoreline. And the buildings are the Victorian condos, not apartments... Beachhead Restaurant
- Here's a screenshot of a map where Cosey Beach and the restaurants are located. You can see Lighthouse Point to the west... Cosey Beach Map and Location

Directions to Cosey Beach: The directions are easy from New Haven. Exit I95 at Exit 50 (the Lighthouse Point exit) At the end of the exit, there is a light. Go Straight to the next light and make a right. This is Hwy 337. Follow 337 all the way till it deadends, and make a left onto Cosey Beach Rd. Follow Cosey Beach Rd all the way around till you hit Coe Ave.

Cosey Beach East Haven Shoreline Restaurants
The Beachhead Restaurant 3 Cosey Beach Ave East Haven, CT 06512 (203) 469-5450
The Sandpiper Restaurant 161 Cosey Beach Ave East Haven, CT 06512 (203) 469-7544

Disclaimer: As with everything in CT, you can almost bet this information and rates will eventually change.

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