Roy Carpenter's Beach RI

Roy Carpenter's Beach is located adjacent to South Kingstown Town Beach.

There are lots of small summer cottages nearby, it almost looks like a little village.

The beach has yellow sand and is slanted like 45 degrees.

Not too easy to walk on. There is a snack bar there also.

The parking area was not so big though, and I wonder where people park when it gets full.

This is what the tides and waves do to the beach. See all the stones?

Roy Carpenter's Beach

The tide groups them in piles, and the sand washes away.

The building is the snack bar.

We were here around suppertime, so no one is on the beach. I don't recall seeing any lifeguard stands on this beach.

There is no charge to get in. Roy Carpenter wanted it to stay a free public beach and it has.

Roy Carpenter Public Beach

This is the sign you see going to Roy Carpenter's Beach.

Below is the view of the small summer cottages there.

Cottages at Roy Carpenter's Beach

Roy Carpenter's Beach RI still a free public beach! Also Salty Brine in Galilee RI is a free public beach.

DIRECTIONS: From north or south, RT 1 Exit Matunuk Beach Rd. The entrance is not hard to miss, it's right next to the Kingstown Town Beach entrance.

As with everything in RI, you can almost bet this information and the rates will eventually change.

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