Blue Shutters Beach
Charlestown, Rhode Island

Here's are pictures of Blue Shutters Beach in Rhode Island.

Blue Shutters Beach is a very popular local beach with deep soft light yellow sand.

The first time we tried to find East beach we got lost because we took West Road instead of East Beach Rd.

But some friends helped us locate it, and what a treat it was to go there.

The picture below is the entrance to the beach, where it is piled on both sides with boulders, that say "Keep off the Rocks."

View towards beach

Blue Shutters Beach is not a large beach, but it is attached to Quonochontaug beach, which goes for a long stretch to the west. There is also a snack bar and restrooms.

East Beach looking east

More pictures of Blue Shutters Beach

- another picture of the entrance... beach entrance
- the Blue Shutters Beach parking area... parking area
- another pic of the rocks... Blue Shutters Beach boulders
- on this day the waves were crashing the shore... crashing waves
- another view of the waves looking west into the sun... ocean waves
- several people walking on the beach... beach walking
- a picture of the pebbles left behind by the waves... pebbles
- an Blue Shutters Beach cottage... shoreline cottage and another view
- a picture of the footprints in the sand... footprints in the sand
- another pic of the snack bar and parking lot... snackbar and parking lot

DIRECTIONS: Route 1 Boston Post Road coming from the west, you'll see signs. It's pretty tricky coming from the east. East Beach reminds me of Charlestown Beach.

This page was UPDATED on 5-2-2012 to reflect the following info received from R. W. Thanks R.W.!


I just wanted to let you know that you have some incorrect information on your web page.

First off this beach is in Charlestown RI not Westerly and secondly it is Blue Shutters Beach which is a Charlestown Public beach. East Beach (Ninigret Conservation Area) is about a 1/2 mile down the sand road and it is a State beach which has miles and miles of amazingly quiet peaceful sand and sun. Blue Shutters offers showers, snack bar and bathrooms with flush toilets, in fact they are just finishing off a completely new pavilion. East Beach has chemical toilets, nothing else.

A life long East Beacher,
R. W.


As with everything in RI, you can almost bet this information and the rates will eventually change.

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