Waterford CT Town Beach

Here's a nice view of Waterford town beach taken from Harkness State Park.

It was kind of a foggy morning and no one was at the beach.

I couldn't get much closer from here without doing alot of walking.

Waterford beach is a really nice beach and the sand is deep and soft, sort of a whiteish color.

They also have a nice picnic area. See also adjoining Ocean Beach Park

Waterford Town Beach

When you park in the Waterford parking lot, you have to walk to the beach following a path. So don't take alot of stuff that is heavy.


Gabrielle emailed us with the following information about Waterford Town Beach. Thanks Gabrielle!

"There are lifeguards during the summer, every day. Almost everyone swims in the water, and there is little more than the wake of the ferries lapping up on shore. Because Waterford beach is protected from the ocean by both Long Island and Fisher's Island, there is nowhere for waves to come from.

There is a raft out in deeper water for people (mostly kids) to swim to and jump off of. The beaches usually open in mid June.

Take care and keep beaching!"

Seasonal Passes: Residents pay $10 for the first car and $2 for each additional car in the same family and household. Nonresidents pay $60 a car. Beach stickers are sold at the Recreational Services Center. Stickers can also be purchased through the mail.

Day Parking Passes: Residents pay $2 on the weekdays and $5 on weekends and holidays. Resident senior citizens are not charged to park. Nonresidents pay $10 on weekdays and $20 on weekends and holidays. These passes are available at the gatehouse.

Other Passes: Walk-in season pass is available to residents for $2 and to nonresidents for $10. Walk-in/biker daily fees are $1 for residents and $5 for nonresidents. Resident senior citizens do not have to pay to enter the beach.

Directions: How do you get to Waterford Town Beach? Well, it's not really that hard, but kind of tricky. There are signs posted for Harkness State Park but not Waterford Town Beach. You have to follow Hwy 213 to where you see the Eugene O'Neill Theater sign. Turn there, and make an immediate right. There will be a little booth there.

Disclaimer: As with everything in CT, you can almost bet this information and rates will eventually change.

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