Gooseberry Beach, Newport RI

This is a picture of Gooseberry Beach in Newport RI, well, more specifically, the beachhouse.

The thing I like most about Gooseberry beach is that the sand is so nice and deep, and there is a very scenic view from the beach too.

Let's face it, you're in Newport, and every place you go will have an awesome view.

Where would I recommend you go on vacation? To Newport! I would like to live there. : )

But don't ever let anyone ever tell you it stays nice and sunny here in New England during the summer, because it's just not true.

This summer so far, we've only had five days that were over 80 degrees.

Gooseberry Beach

On this day when we took the photos, it was cloudy and cool. No one was at Gooseberry beach but us.

Gooseberry beach boulder

Here's something I found interesting. The snack bar was built around a huge boulder.

Gooseberry Beach anchor

In front of the beach houses there is a plot of grass with a huge anchor.

Gooseberry beach is a great family beach because it's protected from big waves. Lot's of beach changing rooms. Snack bars, and lifeguards. Let's go!

DIRECTIONS: Located on Ocean Drive in Newport, RI. We don't remember seeing signs to get to this beach. We just happen to run into it.

As with everything in RI, you can almost bet this information and the rates will eventually change.

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