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We had heard about Reed's Gold Mine from a friend of ours.

He had visited several years ago and raved about how cool it is.

Since we were driving from Helen Georgia to Virginia Beach, we decided to stop at Reed's Gold Mine to check it out.

The problem was, by the time we arrived at Reed's Gold Mine, we had an hour before they closed.

So we didn't have much time to see everything, or even try our luck at goldpanning.

Reed's Gold Mine sign

Here's is a picture of the entrance sign to Reed Gold Mine, and the building below has a museum and gift shop.

All over the property is mining equipment, mostly from the 1920's.

Reed Gold Mine Museum

When we walked in, she said, Do you want to goldpan or take the tour? So we chose the tour.

The tour had already left, and we ran to catch up with them. When we found the rest of the tour they were already in the mine.

Entrance to Reed Gold Mine

I spent the next hour taking as many pictures as possible.

Pictures of Reed's Gold Mine Property

- The drive towards the parking area... Reed driveway
- Mining equipment is used to make the property informational... mining equipment
- A huge display of more modern mining equipment... modern mining
- A side view of the Reed Gold Mine Museum... side view
- A display of mining equipment near the parking area... mining display
- To catch up with the tour we had to go thru this tunnel... tunnel
- On the other side of the tunnel was more displays... antique sluice
- A picture of some other kind of mining equipment... display
- Most had information signs, but I didn't have time to read them... more equipment
- The property is full of paths you can hike... hiking path
- The creek where John Reed found his gold nugget... gold nugget creek
- Gold Street, the way to the goldpanning area... Gold Street
- A closer picture of the entrance sign, hours they are open... hours open

Pictures taken inside the Gold Mine

- After we entered the mine, the temperature dropped to a cool 65 degrees...the mine tunnel
- A wheelbarrel in the mine shaft... antique wheelbarrel
- Finally catching up with the tourguide and tourists... catching up
- A huge pot behind a wooden ladder... huge pot
- A shaft in the goldmine... goldmine shaft
- A vein of quartz...vein of quartz
- Some other kind of mining contraption... gold mining tools
- A view into another goldmine shaft... goldmine shaft
- A picture of the small areas in which the miners crawled... miner's shaft
- Exiting the goldmine... tunnel exit
- A picture of where one of the shafts go to above ground... Morgan Shaft
- An informational sign about the history of Upper Hill... Upper Hill 239k

Pictures taken Inside the Museum

So we had 15 minutes left to view the museum, and I just took a bunch of pictures because I couldn't read fast enough. I'm going to leave the pictures as large as I can so you can read them too.

- Apron Table used to coat gold with mercury... Apron Table
- Goldmining in the 20th century... informational display
- Equipment that looks like it's used to crush rock... rock crushing equipment
- Plaster model of the 1896 last gold nugget found ... gold nugget
- Information on the last gold nugget found in 1896 by Jacob L Shinn ... information display 267k
- Information display comparing first underground mining with last underground mining... display 367k
- Information about the 9 1/2 lb nugget George Reed found as a boy... George Reed 267k
- History of John Reed... informational display
- Newman's Gold Hill... informational display
- More pictures of Gold Hill North Carolina... Gold Hill
- Why they stopped gold mining in North Carolina... informational display 365k
- Gold Mining and the Civil War... informational display 265k
- Gold extracting processes after the war... informational display 225k

Map of Reed Gold Mine Location... map

We headed back to the parking lot, and a parking assistant was waiting for us. He said he had to lock the gate.So we left and pulled into a picnic area across the street from Reed Gold Mine's entrance and snacked on some Georgia peaches.

Next stop Virginia Beach

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